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Tips for Optimizing Pay-Per-Click


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Diversely experienced marketing professional Justin Steinle has crafted a range of integrated advertising strategies. Justin Steinle draws on a detailed knowledge of interactive media campaigns, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising enables a company to pay for prominent search result positioning. The company bids the amount that it is willing to pay for each click-through, and this amount is due whether or not the visitor makes a purchase. For this reason, companies engaged in pay-per-click advertising must carefully select keywords and copy to optimize results.

Experts suggest that companies specify keyword phrases and exclude variations, so as to minimize cost for searches that may be irrelevant. Companies can further reduce non-productive searches by designating negative keywords, such as individual words within a search phrase, to reduce the chances of an ad showing up in an unrelated search.

Companies can also optimize pay-per-click spending by assessing performance data and using that information to target day, time, and location. By reviewing conversion rates to determine an ad’s most productive times and places, an advertiser can make better decisions about where and when to run the ad.

Finally, all advertisers can work toward improving PPC results by optimizing results for mobile search. This means using mobile-specific language in the advertisement and designing the landing site for mobile use, so that users of such devices have a better experience. This is actionable regardless of an advertiser’s industry, as data shows a general increase in mobile site traffic overall.