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Key Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

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Multichannel Marketing
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A veteran marketing professional, Justin Steinle has worked with a wide variety of communications strategies during his 25-year career. One example is multichannel marketing, which involves using multiple platforms to deliver a coherent message. Having implemented multichannel marketing for years, Justin Steinle recognizes the key advantages it offers over single-channel marketing.

1. Frequency. By harnessing multiple platforms such as radio, television, and social media, a company could engage its target audience more frequently and effectively. Apart from helping build brand awareness, the strategy also gives companies room to vary the delivery of their core message, from general overviews via non-interactive channels to more personalized messages via other platforms like Twitter.

2. Channel preference. Multichannel marketing offers prospective clients the choice among several platforms. In doing so, the strategy takes into account individual client preferences, as some prefer accessing services online whereas others prefer the more personalized interaction of a telephone conversation.