Radio Does More than Just Drive Calls. How does it Affect your Search Results? professional Justin Steinle explains how radio drives more than just calls.

As consumers are cruising down the highway listening to the radio, often time they hear short-form radio advertisements.  As they hear these advertisements with frequency, the brand and catchy messaging gets embedded in their memory. If there is a toll-free number listed within the creative, this will be the consumers typical method of response.

The secondary method of response will either be through a unique tracking domain or search results. In today’s technological era, consumers go to the Internet and Google your brand for further research.  Therefore, having a strong Internet presence for you brand is key to success.

A study conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau shows radio can increase search results by 29%.  This will always be a case by case basis depending on numerous factors.

This study reviewed six categories: automotive, eCommerce, insurance, auto aftermarket, jewelry retail, and wireless communications. They also used same date, time, and market to establish this result.  During this study, it also reflected that search levels varied by day part with morning drive and midday with the highest search levels at 32% – 33%.

In conclusion, this emphasizes the importance of multi-channel marketing as it shows how radio is a complementary media channel to your foundational website.


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Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash