How Does Media Buying Work?


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Media Buying

Over the course of his 25-year career, Justin Steinle has gained a comprehensive understanding of the most effective marketing techniques and practices. As a senior marketing executive, Justin Steinle possesses expertise in the media buying process.

Media buying refers to the practice of acquiring advertising space and airtime on media channels such as newspapers, radio, television, and online platforms. Since businesses typically engage those channels most frequented by their target audience, their media buying strategies can differ widely.

Within a company, a media buyer’s role involves negotiating with channel owners. Before settling on and implementing a strategy, media buyers must first conduct a thorough investigation of all available avenues of distribution. Key steps include analyzing the demographics engaged by the channel and evaluating its adaptive ability to the ever-changing media landscape.

Furthermore, media buyers must also recognize the limits of each channel and work with channel owners to identify and retain premium spaces. In most cases, they succeed in building such productive relationships with channel owners by negotiating deals that benefit all involved parties.