What Is Social Media Optimization?


Social Media Optimization pic

Social Media Optimization
Image: digitalprotechnologies.com

Marketing executive Justin Steinle has more than two decades of experience establishing successful marketing service companies. Over this time he has gained a broad range of marketing expertise. One of the tools Justin Steinle employs in providing marketing solutions to his clients is social media optimization (SMO).

SMO is an internet marketing approach used to increase the awareness of a company, brand, product, event, or website. The various mediums used include online communities, forums, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. SMO is an integrated and deliberate effort which includes creating the appropriate compelling content to place in the various chosen mediums in order to increase reach or drive traffic to a website.

In SMO, the outcomes can be measured in terms of retweets, page views, shares, and the like, but there is also a qualitative element as social engagement is involved. Social media provides channels where businesses can directly interact with the audience, thus practitioners must also have the skills to be able to touch base with the audience on a personal level.